Classifications Summer 2012
Our most recent classification inspection produced the following results:
4 First time EX:
Hillside Asner Sukie 2 EX90 SP (5th Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Drake Lulu EX90 SP
Hillside Sapphire Sukie EX90 LP50 SP (4th Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Bugatti Marion 3 EX90
3 Multi EX:
Hillside Westminster Marion 4 EX91(2) SP (3rd Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Grady Claire EX91(4) LP50 SP (2nd Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Bugatti Sukie EX90(2) SP (5th Generation VG/EX)
And 47 VG!!
Highlights included:
Hillside Grayson Kindle VG88 (3rd Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Drake Lulu 2 VG88 (3rd Generation VG/EX)
Hillside Merit Satin VG88
Hillside Brad Marden VG88 SP (2nd Generation VG/EX)
Lingla Okendo Cadet VG87 SP (8th Generation VG)
Amongst others...

22nd September 2011
The Hillside Herd has a new bull! Following the Border and Lakeland's 23rd Annual Bull Sale at Carlisle we now have a new stock bull to run with our heifers - Holmland Perform. He was the Champion Intermediate Bull in the presale show. He is an Erbacres Damion son with a predicted PLI of 92 and predicted Type Merit of 1.82. His picture following that award can be seen below:
27th July 2011
Hillside Bolton Marden wins 'Best Junior Cow' at the Border and Lakeland Summer Herds Competition whilst the Hillside Herd continued its success and was award second place in the 'Large Herd' category.

Hillside Bolton Marden
8th March 2011
CW & DE Bushby, Watson Hill Farm are awarded 1st place in the Maize section in the 'Border and Lakeland Holstein Club Silage Competition 2011'.
Hillside Holsteins on the front cover of the Genus Winter 2011 Dairy Directory

William and David talking about the GMS programme Genus offer