About Us

Watson Hill Farm, situated just one mile out of St. Bees and of Egremont, utilises light-medium loam, free drained land varying from 55 to 155m above sea level. It is situated on a narrow western coastal plain of Cumbria, in Northwest England. The farm is in an area of about 1020mm of rainfall, and strong prevailing winds, meaning that plenty of grass can be easily grown with enough moisture in summer for continuous growth year-round.
The development of Watson Hill Farm began in 1949 with Edwin Bushby taking over the farm with two cows, one horse and implements. By the mid-fifties, the policy of the farm was directed towards mixed stocks and cropping. The dairy herd of Northern Dairy Shorthorns, by now consisted of 25 cows together with 60 followers of youngstock.
By 1955 the policy of Edwin had been streamlined and for the last ten years grass had been the sole crop and was then utilised by 96 cows. It was following this that the infamous 'bed and breakfast' system was introduced with the cows having access to the face of the clamp as forage, and access via a ramp up the clamp for sleeping.
William and Dorothy Bushby took over Watson Hill Farm from William's father, Edwin, in 1989 and commenced the Hillside Herd. Since then William has won The Barclays Bank 'Dairy Farmer of the Year' twice.

William and Dorothy now farm in partnership with their children Victoria and David. Cow numbers have now increased to a herd over 450 cows today some of which are milked on Robots.
Our cow families include: BoSelecta, Cadet, Claire, Ebony, Marie, Marion, Marden, Maud, Noddy, Helena and Sharon.
Genomic sexed semen is used on the cows and heifers. Alongside this we currently have two stock bulls - Hillside Meiosis (an Iota son) and Hillside Marra (an Oak son) to cover the heifers post AI.
  • In the Summer 2010 Border and Lakeland Club herds competition Hillside Holsteins were winners of Best Large Herd, Best Bull and runner up in Best Heifer.
  • This success was repeat in the Winter Herds Competition 2011 - 3rd in the Top 10 Cows category, and second in the Best Heifer category
  • In the Summer Herds Competition 2011 Hillside Herd was placed second in the 'Large Herd' category and Hillside Bolton Marden VG87 was announced winner of the 'Best Junior Cow' category.